Dems Define Opposition as ‘Terrorism’

Citizens who question authoritarian measures and the integrity of elections are now considered “domestic terrorists”.

On 19 January, 2020, FBI jackboots broke down the door of Thomas Caldwell’s home and hauled him away if he were a fugitive on the run from committing mass murder.

His crime?  Attending a protest against a corrupt regime that helped rig the national election.

Tucker Carlson

Thursday, we interviewed one of the people the Biden administration charged with sedition. The man’s name is Thomas Caldwell. The Justice Department claims that Caldwell was inside the Capitol building on Jan. 6. Caldwell insists emphatically that he was not. At some point, a jury will decide who is lying about that.

For now, the rest of us, though, are free to ponder. A bigger question: Is Thomas Caldwell a seditionist? Is he an enemy of this nation? On Jan. 6, was Thomas Caldwell trying to overthrow the U.S. government by force? That’s a pretty hard case to make.

Caldwell’s indictment paints him as a dangerous militia leader who is planning a sort of D-Day invasion on the banks of the Potomac. The real Thomas Caldwell does not fit that description. Caldwell is a senior citizen who walks with a cane. He’s a devout Christian. Try to picture Thomas Caldwell leading a bloodthirsty band of insurgents. You can’t, because he didn’t.

Like every protester that day, Caldwell arrived at the event unarmed, and like the overwhelming majority, he committed no acts of violence. The Justice Department claims that Caldwell sought to overthrow the American system, but that is hard to believe. Caldwell, in fact, spent most of his life in honorable government service, including 20 years as a naval officer. He retired with 100 percent physical disability.

……So why is Thomas Caldwell facing the prospect of spending the rest of his life in prison? Because, Democrats tell us, Thomas Caldwell AND co-defendants almost toppled our democracy. They came closer than anyone since Robert E. Lee. That’s what they’ve been telling us for the last year.

……Only the fact we have heard it so often prevents us from recognizing how absurd it is. Nothing that happened on Jan. 6 came remotely close to threatening our constitutional order or for preventing Joe Biden from taking office. Anyone who claims otherwise is lying and should be forced to explain specifically how the mechanics of democracy were imperiled that day. But they never explained. They just yell louder and then they issue more indictments.



The threat to the fabric of our democracy is jackbooted weaponized government goons who target innocent American citizens.

Speak out against the corrupt D.C. swamp and get surveilled, hacked, harassed, and arrested.  The bill of rights has been revoked by the authoritarian thugs in the DOJ and the Dems are complicit.

The FBI framed the 6 January MAGA protesters by inserting undercover agents and informants in the crowd to encourage violence. It backfired, but that’s not stopping the Feds from persecuting people who simply wandered the hallways, stood outside the building, and peacefully protested.

The FBI admitted that the 6 January protest was not an organized plot to overturn the election.

Their ‘case’ against the protesters is pathetically weak, so they have to come up with bogus trumped up charges to harass and jail as many as possible.


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