Well Elon, It Was Good While it Lasted

I left Twitter a couple of years ago and switched to GAB because I got sick of being suspended for stating facts and opinions the leftwing censors didn’t like.

When Elon Musk bought and took control of Twitter, he claimed that he would make improvements, especially when it comes to free speech.

Elon Musk promised that the site would be an open forum:



It didn’t happen.

I reentered the Twitterverse with the expectation that facts and opinions wouldn’t be censored or suspended.

It looked promising with all the disclosures of behind the scenes corruption and government influenced suppression of free speech.

In a move reminiscent of the old Dorsey/Agrawal regime, the New York Post had its account locked over its report about Twitter’s deletion of over 5 thousand comments concerning the militant tranny ‘Day of Vengeance’.

Twitter totally suppressed a Project Veritas video that revealed a Pfizer CEO’s admission of Covid mutations and vax profiteering.



Musk just announced the plan to eliminate the block feature, which would allow trolls and unhinged nuts the capacity to inflict unfettered harassment.

The news didn’t go over well.





Blocking for me but not for thee:

Fact checked by his own:





The insanity started when he decided to hire a leftie moonbat from the Klaus Schwab-founded WEF as Twitter CEO.




Her views on social media: advertisers should have more “influence” over aspects of platforms such as product development and even content moderation. Let that sink in.

The same censorship that Dorsey and Agrawal enforced is still in effect.

So much for free speech:


My account got suspended with a message that said something about “encouraging harm” but I had no idea what they were talking about.

This is what they said when I appealed:



That’s what they consider “harmful”.  I hate to break it to the censorship crew, but I’m not having thoughts of ‘self harm’.

I posted that response to braying jackass Sheila Jackson Lee, who introduced a bill to combat “White supremacy” by criminalizing what she deems as ‘hate speech’.

When I try to authenticate with my phone number it says it’s “already in use”. I can’t sign in or submit a problem report to the support team.


After a few weeks, they came back with a choice of deleting the post or appealing.

Once again, I appealed.


My message to them was this: How does a metaphorical comment equal harm?

If Musk’s employees think telling someone to jump off a cliff is ‘harmful’ they’ve got a shitload of real ‘promoting harm‘ to catch up on.

I will not delete the comment. It’s a matter of principle as well as free speech.

In the meantime, I was forced to create another account, on a different browser. They can detect the browser of an account that’s been suspended.

If he removes the block feature, I’m off Twitter for good. I thought things would change since Musk became CEO, but nothing has. He promised to promote free speech. That promise has not been kept.

As a matter of fact, it’s like the former tyrants never left.




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