Dems Ratchet Up the Hate, Harassment, and Troop Occupation of D.C.

Their TDS has reached incredible levels:

Gateway Pundit

The harassment of Trump never ends.

The city of Palm Beach, Florida is conducting a legal review of Donald Trump’s residency at Mar-a-Lago.

Trump, a lifelong New Yorker, officially declared himself a resident of Florida in October of 2019 because of the way that he was being treated by the Communist leaders of New York.

Donald Trump moved into his South Florida club on January 20 after leaving the White House.

Now the town of Palm Beach is reviewing whether Trump is allowed to permanently reside at his beach club.

Treating American citizens as terrorists and using “racial equality” and political conformity as a means of oppression.

Tucker Carlson:

Every one of us has a right to equal treatment by our government. That right is guaranteed by our Constitution. It’s the heart of countless laws passed with well-deserved fanfare by our Congress over many decades. That right is inscribed on a monument on our National Mall to the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., who would be shocked and disgusted if he watched Susan Rice announce on television Tuesday that every agency in the U.S. government, the largest and most lavishly funded organization in human history, must “place equity at the core” of its policy design specifically and for the benefit of “marginalized communities.”

Rice’s speech was carried live by many news outlets, but as far as we know, not a single one of them paused to ask what exactly she was talking about. They should have. The federal government is, above all, an enormous printing press, dispensing trillions of dollars every year. According to Rice, much of that money will now be distributed on the basis of equity. That means it will go to people who do not possess “privilege.” So let’s get very specific about what that means.

What precisely is privilege? Can it be measured? If so, how exactly are we measuring it? Is there a formula? We should see it because a huge amount turns on the definition of this word. Some Americans won’t get jobs because it’s been decided they have too much privilege. Others won’t get into college or get promoted or win federal contracts. Others will see their neighborhoods change dramatically in ways they may not like because of their privilege.

Before any of that happens, the rest of us deserve a clear explanation of what’s going on, who’s getting rewarded, who’s getting punished and why. We don’t have to ask politely. We’re American citizens. This is our government. No matter who we voted for, we’re paying for it, so we can demand an answer.

……They can’t really define privilege. They can’t tell us who, in a country with no majority culture, actually qualifies as a “minority.” They only want to have this conversation at all because their views are indefensible. That’s why they’re trying to make us be quiet. You see those efforts all around you now.


On the contrary. They define ‘privilege’ as people who work for a living and earn what they have, especially if they’re white.

Never in American history has there been press censorship on this scale. Fox News is the last significant media organization remaining in this country that allows its employees to tell obvious truths in public. The rest of them have been muzzled or shut down completely. The last to go was the social media site Parler, which was created as a free speech alternative to the Silicon Valley monopolies like Twitter and Facebook. A few weeks ago, those very same monopolies pulled it right off the Internet. Parler no longer exists. When the history of this period is written, the destruction of Parler will get its own chapter, and so will the mindless corporate shills who applauded its destruction.

Amazon Web Services, the largest Internet hosting service in the world, was allowed to simply unplug Parler, to destroy it with no debate or coherent explanation. It certainly wasn’t because they were morally offended by Parler.

Big Tech is engaging in a campaign of communist-style oppression by deplatforming the sites they disagree with politically and ideologically.

TwitterFacebookYouTube, and Google have made a concerted effort to squelch any reporting about the massive voter fraud and ballot tampering.

In 2019, Facebook, Microsoft. Twitter, and YouTube, banded together and created a “global censorship database” for the purpose of abolishing free speech more efficiently.

……You should also know that Amazon Web Services provides Web services for the CIA. You’re paying for that. Amazon has built data centers in China. According to a report by the Horizon Advisory Group, Amazon runs a “innovation center” in close partnership with the Communist Party of China. It’s not clear what they’re innovating, but whatever it is, it’s not a problem for our leaders because no one in the Chinese government voted for Donald Trump, so it’s not like they’re dangerous. But you know who is dangerous? Any American citizen who doesn’t agree with MSNBC.

Equity and inclusion means that you will believe what they tell you to believe, or else you’re a terrorist and they can hurt you because we hurt terrorists. Listen to America’s new grand inquisitor, Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif.

SCHIFF: “We have been urging for some time that the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security raise the priority to domestic terrorism, to White nationalism as it threatens the country, and we’re going to continue sounding the alarm and make sure that they’re devoting the resources, the time, the attention, just as we did after 9/11 to the threat from international terrorism, we need to give the same priority and urgency to domestic terrorism.” 

Got that? Vote the wrong way, and you are a jihadi. You thought you were an American citizen with rights and just a different view, but no, you’re a jihadi and we’re going to treat you the way we treated those radicals after 9/11, the way we treated bin Laden. Get in line, pal. This is a war on terror. Keep in mind, as you listen to people talk like this — and Adam Schiff is far from the only one — they’re talking about American citizens. They’re talking about you, but nobody seems to notice or care.


The Dems have militarized D.C. in the wake of the hijacked Presidential election. Thousands of National Guard troops are in D.C. for what looks like a test run for martial law.

Tucker Carlson

As of Wednesday night there are nearly 10,000 federal troops in America’s capital city. Why are they there? How long will they be staying? No one is being very clear about any of that.

So you’re left to draw your own conclusions, which people naturally are doing. By the way, it’s not making anyone more moderate. If you’re really worried about extremism, you probably wouldn’t put 10,000 federal troops in your capital city, making everyone more radical and crazy. But they don’t care about that. The point of this whole highly militarized exercise is to remind you of what Mao Zedong once famously said: “Political power grows from the barrel of a gun.”

Unfortunately, that is true in every country at all times. Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., is no genius, but he does understand that. As he explained Wednesday, as long as his political opponents exist, those soldiers will stay:

MURPHY: The threat to the country is not over. We still have 5,000 National Guard members surrounding the Capitol complex. Why? Because there are still existing threats, present threats to the security of the Capitol. And so, so long as Donald Trump is empowered by Senate Republicans, there is still the chance that he is going to incite another attempt at the Capitol … The threat is still very real to American democracy.

……But wait, democracy requires Soldiers? We thought it was voluntary. If you’re starting to think that maybe someone at some point secretly redefined the term “democracy,” changing its meaning roughly 180 degrees from what it was just last year, you may be onto something.

What we’re looking at now is not democracy in the classical Athenian sense, where everyone gets to vote and the voice of everyone matters equally. No, now we’re looking at democracy in a 1970s Eastern Bloc “People’s Democratic Republic” sense. This new version of democracy is a democracy where everyone fervently agrees with the people in power, or else they go immediately to jail.


When the Dem-supported Antifa and BLM thugs rampage across the country committing murder, arson, vandalism, and looting, not one of them condemn the riots. Instead, you have AOC, Nancy Pelosi, Ayanna Pressley, Chris Cuomo, Maxine Waters, and Kamala Harris, singing their praises:


The Dems are frightened of the American people. They hate anyone who knows the Constitution and Bill of Rights too much for their own good.

When the Dem cabal screams and cries over the Save America/Stop the Steal protest, they conveniently forget about the violence they encourage from anarchists. But when fed up patriots come knocking, “traumatized members of Congress need counseling“.

For years DemProgs have engaged in a civil war against citizens who refuse to knuckle under their socialist autocracy. It started with Obama and it will pick up the pace with Biden.

Over the last decade, DemLeft thugs have upped the ante on threats and violence, and have achieved a prominent position as the biggest hate group in the country. There’s a steady barrage of death threats, assaults, and filth-laden tantrums on social media from unhinged left-wing journos, college professors, politicians who hate President Trump and his supporters. We’ve been called “nazis” and “white supremacists” for objecting to the destruction of America by the left-wing elite and putting the Constitution and America first.

American patriots did not riot through their neighborhoods, they took their grievances right to the source of corruption—Congress. If the Dems and their media tools keep up their jackbooted tactics, there will be another revolution that will make 1776 look like a minor scuffle.




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