2017 Asshat of the Year


The collection of leftwing fringe lunatics in the media, political office, academia, and at large, have been on a rampage throughout the year. Their contributions to the cesspool of depravity, stupidity, corruption, and criminal acts, as noted below, demonstrate that they richly deserve The Asshat Award.

The liberals are reaching stages of autism that shouldn’t even be possible.


The DemProgs, Politicians, SJWs, and liberals:

Triggered snowflakes commemorate the 2016 election by wailing at the sky.

Unhinged liberal protests animated Trump display at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

Smug unrepentant George Soros wistfully remembers his days as a Nazi. 

Trump defends western civilization, lefties crap their pants.

When a muzzie explains the violence taught by Islam, and a liberal feels the need to ‘clarify’.

The Russian trail leads to Dem lobbyists.

Hillary’s election night meltdown: drunken psychotic rage.

Hillary defends serial rapist Harvey Weinstein, forgets she married one. 

Hillary blames Comey and ‘misogyny’ for defeat. 

Susan Rice identified as official who revealed identities of Trump associates in Obama’s wiretaps.

Dallas man charged with ‘inducing epileptic seizures’ of Kurt Eichenwald over internet.

ACLU shows ‘tolerance’ by calling cops on activist who told them to think for themselves.

Dems refuse to stand for SEAL widow, ex-Hillary staffer calls her ‘idiot’.

Canadian Prime Minister apologizes, gives millions of dollars to muzzie terrorists who murdered American Soldier.

Dem Andre Carson’s ties to Muslim Brotherhood. 

House intelligence computer network compromised by muzzie staffers.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s muzzie staffer sold intel to Russia.

Dem IT spy ring sent intel to Muslim Brotherhood.

Hillary’s criminal enterprise Clinton Foundation shut down.

Minnesota muzzie representative takes oath on Koran, marries her own brother. 

Fake Trump dossier made incredible journey.

The Zuck says enforcing our immigration laws hurts public safety.

The vulgar  ‘women’s march’ freak show.

Leftie moonbat emits primal scream as Trump declared 45th president.

TDS:  Dems curse, throw bird at Trump during convention.

Leftists destroy business owners over burritos.

Tim Scott endures more racist filth from liberals an radical blacks.

The race pimps at the Southern Poverty Law Center declared that milk is a ‘symbol of creamy white supremacy’.  The level of stupidity it takes to come up with that idea is astronomical.

Maxine Waters, one of the most deranged, corrupt Dems in Congress—and that’s saying a lot—took her bat shit bizarre behavior to a new level since Trump’s election.  She accused Jason Chaffetz (R-UT)  of ‘having ties to the Kremlin‘, and is on a campaign of incoherent rants against President Trump on every liberal media outlet that allows her to vent her rancid spleen.

Sheila Jackson-Lee, for adding another item to her list of psychotic behavior. This time, she stole someone’s airplane seat.

“LGBT”  nutbags who make a living harassing Christian cake shop owners, but won’t go near a muzzie-owned bakery.


Democrat hate machine breeds more violence:

CBS lawyer has ‘no sympathy’ for ‘country music Republicans’ who were shot in Las Vegas.

Unhinged punk Scott Hamann threatened Trumps life. 

Leftwingnuts continue death threats and assaults against Trump supporters. 

Moonbat Sanders supporter shoots Republicans at a baseball game.

Nebraska Dem Black Caucus chairwomen thought Scalise shooting was funny.

Another murder of a Republican politician by a deranged Dem. 

Dem congressional staffers jeer message of unity following shooting at baseball game.

George Soros funds thugs behind Berkeley riots.

Leftwingnut Robert Skelley posted death threats to Republicans on Facebook.

The steady barrage of death threats, assaults, and filth-laden tantrums on social media from leftwing journos, college professors, and disgruntled Hillary/Bernie voters who hate the fact that Trump was elected. Tough shit.


The Media:

Twitter, for its continued agenda of leftwing biased censorship and hypocrisy.  It censors conservative voices but allows verified accounts to openly hate on white people and conservative Republicans, without any repercussions:



Meet the leftwing antifa supporting Twitter tool who decides who’s a ‘nazi’.


Facebook, for its censorship and hypocritical arbitrary ‘community standards’:

Paul Joseph Watson gets death threats from muzzies, Facebook doesn’t think it violates their standards.

Facebook allows videos which show adults explaining masturbation to children.

Genocidal death threats against Israel are okay according to Facebook.

Joe Scarborough from (where else) MSNBC bitched about Trump’s ‘clumsy display’ of water drinking.

Liberal rag USA Today tries to show expertise on AR-15, fails spectacularly.

Racist black reporter goes full bigot on whites.

Medium: ‘Your post bullies and shames traitors‘.

Libtard writer said that the eclipse darkened an area of total ‘whiteness’.

CNN ties to brand Trump as ‘racist’ while the network is sued by black employees for racial discrimination. 

Dem hack questions the ‘blackness’ of Republican commentator.

Google is being run like Prog religious cult.

Snopes begs for money, hilarity ensues. 

Racist CNN hack posts dozens of anti-white posts on Facebook.

New York Times: ‘speech you dislike is an act of violence‘.

Thin skinned CNN bullies get dose of their own medicine. 

Fake Sean Spicer Twitter account drives leftie journos, Dems off the crazy cliff.

CNN caught staging ‘peace group’ protest.

Modern comics infested with Islamic propaganda.

Brit liberal news editor gushes over the diversity’ of the London terror victims. 

Racist MTV writer spews disgusting comments about Jeff Sessions’ granddaughter.

Media sycophants weep over Obama in final presser.

The comrades at the New York Times heap praise on China’s brutal totalitarian regime:



The NYT ‘opinion’ insists that Charles Manson, a liberal hippie, was a harbinger of the ‘far right’.  Actually, James Hodgkinson is an outgrowth of the Dem Party; the largest hate group on the planet.

Newsweek runs racist OpEd calling Irish Americans ‘conservative loudmouths’.

CNN freaks out over Trump’s two scoops of ice cream.

According to Affinity Magazine, one does not need to be racist to be racist. 

The Bolsheviks at WaPo think Lenin is ‘quirky’. 

CNN changes headline because antifa doesn’t like being called violent.

The liberal media conglomerate for one last round of ass-kissing during Obama’s final presser.

CNN sponsored an assassination play, “Julius Caesar”, at “Shakespeare in the Park”, with the main character bearing a strong resemblance to Donald Trump.

Chris “Tingles” Matthews, who longs for his old position of giving Obama blow jobssuggested that Trump should murder his son in law, Jared Kushner, because Kushner and wife Ivanka Trump are ‘just like the sons of Saddam Hussein, Uday and Qusay’ — both brutal murderers.

ESPN hack Scott Van Pelt thinks that people who cancel ESPN and boycott the NFL  over politics,  are  “so dumb” that you’re “beyond hope.” He’s pretty stupid if he thinks people aren’t fed up with the injection of racial politics into ESPN  ‘sports analysis’.

A black radio host Mark Thompson calls Sheriff David Clarke an ‘Uncle Tom’ .

Cristina Maza, a hack at Newsweek who claims: ‘Trump and the Nazis stole Christmas.’

CNN deservedly mocked for whining over a parked truck that blocked their ability to stalk Trump at a golf course.



Louise Mensch posts obscene allegations about Trump from a hoaxer.

Brit child services place Christian child in the abusive home of radical muzzies. 

German sentenced to six months in jail for daring to point out the similarities between Islam and Nazism .

Paris creates app for muzzie no-go zones.

Liberal gets angry over ‘they’re muslim’ comment while hiding from muzzie terrorist attack in London.

London police commissioner: muslims feel ‘threatened’ by ‘extreme right wing groups’ after attack by muslim terrorists. 

UK spends thousands of dollars supporting aid to muzzie ‘migrants’.

Before bombing, Manchester’s top cop pushed claims of ‘Islamophobia’.



Robert Mueller partnered with Islamic groups to purge ‘offensive terms’ from anti-terrorism training manuals.

National Security Adviser McMaster insults Israeli allies at security meeting.

Comey drafted a letter ‘exonerating’ Hillary for her crimes before the rigged investigation was over.

FBI obstructed justice by destroying evidence against DNC hacker.

Former CIA director John Brennan colluded with foreign spies in effort to sabotage Trump campaign.

FBI relied on fake lurid dossier to target Trump aides.

Department of Homeland Security hacked into the computer of Georgia Secretary of State.

McMaster allowed Susan Rice to keep top secret security clearance. 

How the left and the government corrupted American art.

Government spends $200K to ‘reduce terrorism’ by ‘promoting positive narratives’ of muslim terrorists in Europe.

Great news for HIV-infected rapists: California lawmakers vote to repeal laws against intentionally infecting others with HIV.

In California, they want you jailed for using the wrong ‘gender pronoun‘.

The State Department, for continuing the Obama policy of arming Iranian terrorists in Iraq.

Lois Lerner, for insisting that her testimony about targeting Tea Party groups be sealed because ‘it might outrage the public’.

A Pennsylvania couple was arrested because an idiot Nationwide Insurance agent and a cop who’s a self-proclaimed ‘expert’ mistook Hibiscus plants for marijuana.

California acquits the illegal alien who murdered Kate Steinle.


“Black Lives Matter” thugs and ‘antifa’ thugs:

Co-founder of BLM makes a list of ‘reparations’ that suggest white people should give their homes and money to blacks.

Antifa thugs mock victims of communism. 

Racist BLM organizer spews racist anti-white diatribe in ‘diversity class’.

Anarchists post racist flyers in Seattle.

Antifa has hissy fits over criminal consequences of riots.

Rioters during anarchist Kristallnacht face charges. 

Black thugs post a video of their kidnap and torture of retarded white kid.

Antifa fascists defend muslim leader’s claim that Australian women need muslim men to fertilize them – calling critics ‘racist’

For threatening a little girl who was happy about going to a Trump rally.


The real war on women:

The rampant rape, sexual assaults, and pedophilia by leftist sexual predators in Hollywood, Congress, and the media.



Kathy Griffin, a noxious washed-up comedian made a video holding the fake bloodied head of Trump.


Military Hierarchy:

Army decides to open ranks to mentally ill and pay for ‘gender reassignment’ surgery.

Deserter/traitor Bowe Bergdahl given dishonorable discharge but no jail time for his cowardice.

Commie West Point graduate flashes Che t-shirt.

Army modifies uniform to accommodate muzzies.

Muzzie Afghan officer was paid $250.000 to kill Air Force personnel, the pentagon covered it up.

Air Force academy discovers racial slurs were a hoax after the superintendent ranted about the ‘incident’ in front of 4000 cadets.


Academic Intelligentsia:

Don’t read that book, ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’, its got “bad words” in it that will make you think. Now, go listen to your rap music, the filthier the better.

2017 brought a new year of bizarre courses titled “Queer Religion” , “Racial Capitalism”, “Body Burdens: Toxic Tales and Politics of Environmental Racism” and “Leaning In, Hooking Up.”   It will be entertaining to see the little snowflakes get employment with that kind of credentials unless they become professors and continue the mindless indoctrination.  No other employer will hire them. Gotta wonder how much mommy and daddy shucked out for that tuition.

Assaulting conservative students at Berkeley has become acceptable.

San Diego allows terrorist facilitating CAIR to indoctrinate school children.

Pineapple left behind by students mistaken for modern art

Andy Ngo, a student journalist at Portland State University, was fired for exposing a statement made by a muslim about killing non-muslims, at an ‘interfaith event”.

Duke professor quits after being disciplined for criticizing insane ‘diversity’ training 

University of Minnesota student radio host kicked off the air for saying “tranny”.

Kids treated to satanic-looking drag queen with horns reading them a book at Michelle Obama Neighborhood Library

Teacher reads book about transgenders to upset Kindergartners.

Liberal white college student insists that ‘whites won’t allow non-whites to enjoy nature‘.

College Dem leader declares hatred of white men.

UCLA student claims ‘civil discourse’ promotes fascism.

A complete guide to the insanity and leftwing violence infesting modern college campuses can be found here: CampusReform.org

Student snowflakes in Portland, Oregon were triggered by Steve Martin’s ‘King Tut’ 

Racist Mexican bigot at Texas State University informs whitey that our DNA is an “abomination”.

A couple of liberal professors at San Diego State University declared that farmer’s markets are “racist”.


Thugletes in the NFL/NBA who disrespect the National Anthem, the flag, and veterans: 

Another reason to hate Shitsburgh: Pittsburgh Steelers coach rips one of his players for paying respect to the anthem, while the rest of the chickenshits hid in the locker room.

NBA player gives troops the finger, refuses to eat with them while visiting military post.

Another disgrace: Cleveland Browns players kneel during anthem.

The NFL for donating money to ‘social justice’ causes in an attempt to pander to thugletes.

And last but not least: Roger Goodell for penalizing players who commemorate those who were killed in the 9/11 muzzie attack on America, but those who disrespect the anthem, not so much.


The liberal Civil War revisionist idiots:

Robert E. Lee statue in Baltimore replaced with pregnant statue of black female. 

ESPN pulled Asian announcer from game because his last name is Robert Lee. 

Wall tiles in New York City subway were changed because some people thought they looked like the Confederate flag.



Bradley Manning’s ‘transgenderism’ trumps treason.

Federal contractor who leaked classified documents is a real airhead.



John McCain, for passing the Clinton-funded  fake Trump dossier to the FBI.

McCain for casting a vote to save the disastrous ObamaCare.

McCain, Romney, and Rubio for blaming ‘white supremacists’ for antifa’s violence at Charlottesville.

McCain for saying that corruptocrat Obama ‘provided better leadership’ than Trump.

George W. Bush, for his shameful bashing of President Trump after 8 years of silence over Obama’s corrupt regime. He didn’t take his own advice when he said, “I don’t think it serves the nation, or the office of president, to have a former president criticize his successors.”  I lost a lot of respect for him after this display of mealy-mouthed douchebaggery.


(Dis)Honorable Mentions:

The 1st Lifetime Asshat Achievement Award winner, B. Hussein Obama, for the blowback from his corruption, malfeasance, and treason.

His last act of treason was to give over $200 million to PLO terrorists. 

His last ‘fuck you’ to the military and the country, was to commute the sentence of traitor Bradley Manning.

Obama engaged in illegal wiretapping of the Trump campaign, and colluded with British spies to

He used the NSA and the FBI in an attempt to hack the election

Still craving the limelight for his narcissistic need for attention,  he injected the “Nazi” analogy into a speech about Trump’s successful presidency. He conveniently ignored the fact that he weaponized federal and intelligence agencies to target people who opposed his tyrannical regime.

Documents released from the Bin Laden operation reveal that he knew about the extensive link between Al Qaeda and Iran.

He stopped the investigation into Hezbollah’s money laundering to seal the disastrous Iran nuke deal.


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